Bury Your Good Girl Today

Course curriculum

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    Instructions for Navigating the Empire

    • How to Navigate the Empire

    • Goddess Circle Zoom Links:

    • Get the most out of The Unapologetic Empire:

  • 2

    Empire Principles

    • Empire Principles

  • 3

    Your Goddess Sages

    • Jillian Aurora

    • Shea Toasten

    • Luna Stravers

    • Crystal Franklin

    • Kisha Woods

  • 4

    The Goddess Creed

    • Printable Goddess Creed

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    Unapologetic Suggested Book List

    • Unapologetic Suggested Book List

  • 6

    Safety Resources

    • Types of Abuse

    • Confusion Tactics

    • Safety Resources

    • Safety Plan

    • Domestic Violence Education

  • 7

    Financial Reclamation Kit

    • Financial Resource List

    • Educational Resources

    • Business Plan

  • 8

    Legal Resources

    • Legal Resource List

  • 9

    Emotional Support Resources

    • Recovery Resources

    • Outrageous Declarations

    • Religious Recovery

  • 10

    Relationship Resources

    • Red Flags

    • Boundaries Manifesto

    • Boundaries Manifesto EXAMPLE

    • Boundaries Manifesto (editable)

    • BRAVING Trust Building


Self Worth Author and Facilitator

Jillian Aurora

Goddess Sage

Shea Toasten

Your Ally in Self-Liberation

Lisa (Luna) Stravers

I am the co-creator, with my brother in spirit, of Earth Song Healing Arts. I facilitate individual sessions and community circles that offer people a space to untangle their true self from the unhealthy patterns of cultural conditioning and traumatic memory held in the bodymind. I am a licensed social worker and a trained spiritual healer with over 25 years of experience. My offerings are as mystical as they are practical because I believe humans are meant to live in touch with an ancient wisdom as well as a constantly evolving spiritual intelligence that refreshes our personal and collective experience. I will teach you how to be a skillful interpreter of guidance and a vessel for your own deep knowing. I will help you step into the magic of your Earth based holy feminine as someone who has kids to raise, partners to love, family to relate to and shit to do! I will give you simple practices to use in your every day life that transform painful places into healing ones. When you circle with me, my goal will always be that we step away from our time together in a greater state of harmony, whether we are seeking release from negativity or accessing new levels of satisfaction. I the 49 year old, single momma of a 13 year old boy and 17 year old girl. Originally from Iowa I have lived in Idaho since 1998. I have dedicated myself to applying healing techniques that are supported by evidence based research from the Western world and the wisdom of the Medicine Wheel, Tarot, numerology, astrology and the ritual and dream work of the energy world. I can't wait to help you discover the gifts you were born with!